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Everything you need to know for your stay in our chalet! Below you will find the most relevant instructions and practical tips. Still, if you have any questions during your stay we will be available to help you out!

A couple important house rules to start with:

  • Have a great time!

  • We are extremely proud of our chalet, and we have nothing but great experiences hosting guests. We love to keep it this way! Off course a plate or a glass can break, but avoidable damage would be a real disappointment. Thank you.

  • Music and laughs are awesome, and we love it. Please do keep the neighbourhood in mind when celebrating your memorable time with family and friends.

  • The chalet is non-smoking! Please try to quit (better anyway), or smoke outside.

  • Dogs are not allowed.

  • Please take of your shoes, and benefit from the underfloor heating. In any case, no ski- and snowboard boots, except in the cellar.

  • We separate waste (general, plastic, paper, metal, glass), and separated bins are provided in the kitchen and in the carport. Thank you!

Content in this guide:



Before your arrival we will ask you to complete the precheck-in form. The guest details are used for registration at the tourist office, and registration is compulsory. Once completed, you're all set for your trip!

Upon arrival at the chalet, the first carport on the right side of the house is yours to use. There is a maximum of 3 parking spots available, please let us know in case you will be arriving with 3 or more vehicles. Access to the chalet is provided via the keypad lock, the code will be provided to you well in advance of your arrival.

Once inside, if you walk over to the access door to the ski room, you will find a set of keys that are yours to use during your stay. Too early to think about it already, but upon check-out please leave the key here again (with the door locked) and exit through the front door.

You will find the chalet is ready to enjoy upon arrival. The beds are made and everything is in place to start enjoying your stay. Unpack and relax.


Heating and ventilation (basic)

We'll get to the fun stuff later (fireplace, sauna), however the underfloor heating is regulated automatically. There is nothing you need to, or can do, and that's ok. The upper floor is kept at about 20-21 degrees, and the bedrooms are kept cooler. Throughout the house, the ventilation system provides fresh air 24/7. Coming up the stairs you will find the control unit, which in principle you don't need during your stay.

To be clear, adjusting settings on the control unit does not affect the indoor temperature. In case you wonder, it is recommended that (using the jog wheel) you set the ventilation to 2. Setting 1 as shown is for small groups or during summer when the windows are opened frequently.

Turn (open)

Windows and terrace doors have three settings, closed, turn and tilt. During the winter season, it is highly appreciated by us, the heating system and the environment that you keep doors and windows closed as much as possible. For a burst of fresh air into the bedrooms, it is better to open the windows completely for a couple minutes once or twice a day, than it is to have them tilted open for the entire day you are out skiing.

In every bathroom, you will find (electric) radiators. Stating the obvious, you can use this to increase the temperature in the bathrooms, lower the humidity and have comfortable warm and dry towels. Setting it to 25% to 50% is sufficient. The bathroom mirrors have an awesome feature. There is a sensor (use your hand) on the bottom right that switched on the lights and the heating to clear the fog.



Lights on the outside of the chalet are automatic. They turn on as the sun sets and turn off by 23.00. To turn on the terrace / outdoor lounge lights on the top floor, use one of the two buttons on the back wall (see below).

Use this to turn on terrace lights

Throughout the chalet there is lights for every mood, some dimmable and some not. Adjust as required!



Who needs WiFi, right? We'll get you the access code before arrival. You'll find two networks: (password required) and (no password required).

The TV's (one in the living room and one in the bunk bed room) are equipped with a Google Chromecast device so you can stream your own content.

In the living room there is a Sonos audio system. It will show up when connected to the WiFi network in your streaming service (e.g. Spotify). Use the app Sonos S1 if required.



Who doesn't love a night around the fireplace. To get you started, some instructions for the indoor fireplace:

There are two handles on the door. On the far right is the door handle. In the middle is the air supply. This has 3 settings: closed (pushed in completely), half and open (pulled out completely).

Start by stacking large pieces of wood, set some smaller chips on top and add natural lighters (provided). Light it up, and keep the door slightly opened for the fire to get started. Once it is going, close the do or. Once it has heated up, set the air supply handle to half (never close!).

Outside fireplace: make sure the chimney is opened (it usually is), and you're good to go! One more tip, use the timeclock to turn on the infrared heater lamp if needed!

Timeclock for infrared heater



You will find a barbecue outside. It is a ceramic grill, please use only charcoal and natural igniters (normally in stock at the chalet). Do not use briquettes/briketten, and/or chemical lighters! They become too hot and cause damage to the grill. Food is much nicer anyway with charcoal (and natural lighters).

Please clean after use!



Yes! Time to relax. Inside the hallway you will find the sauna controls.

Sauna controls

There is three important buttons across the bottom:

The button on the left turns the sauna stove on. The display will show you the target temperature and remaining time.

The middle button turns on a led-light, and ventilation.

The button on the right turns on the lights.

If turned on, the menu and +/- buttons can be used to adjust target temperature and remaining time if needed. Once the sauna session is over, turn off the sauna stove using the button on the left and keep or turn the ventilation on for a little longer.

Please use towels for your sauna visit, and do not bring food or drinks inside.

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