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January 2018

After years of getting ready - 2018 is going to be year! It has taken many drafting sessions, long discussions and stacks of (regulatory) information. Yet, the basic design and floorplan of SEE TIROL has been finalised. The project is currently awaiting approval from the municipality. Construction can only start in spring, once the snow has cleared from the plot (of which there seems to be plenty this season). Until then, plenty to do in preparation of the build! The details don't pick themselves...

With the basic design out of the way, there is plenty more for us to think about. From selecting tiles to designing a kitchen and picking the curtains. SEE TIROL is going to offer luxurious comfort, our choice of amenities, materials and furniture has to match that ambition. So out come the moodboards, google images and magazines. In all of the spaces we are trying to stay true to the traditional Tyrollean architecture, yet it'll be a 2018 lodge. Certainly an exciting new stage of our project!

Keep following us in the next few months, we'll certainly report back as soon as the team breaks ground in April! Until then, make sure to go see Tirol!


March 2018

Breaking ground! Sooner than expected, despite the heavy snowfall this season, construction works have started. Designs have been finalised, the construction permit is in the bag, so time to start digging. It will take about three weeks to secure the building site, so that concrete works can start.


April 2018

One month in, pouring concrete! It's only just the ground floor, though at this pace two months from now a lot of the building's structure will be in place. Having nice spring weather is helpful. It is a great month for skiing, with the major areas around the lodge open until late April, and some great events as well (Top of the Mountain concert in Ischgl, Der Weisse Rausch in St. Anton). The roof is expected to be closed in July, each floor will take about 3 weeks to be constructed. Some more details about the floorpans in our next post!

April 30th

April 23rd

April 16th

April 9th

April 2nd


May 2018

That was fast! Today a month ago the concrete for the ground floor wasn't there yet. Today, the final bits of concrete for the first floor are ready, and preparations for the second floor are starting soon! After staring at designs for years, it will be exciting to see the full size of the project when we travel to Tirol in the last week of June. Already today the carports (left for the ground floor apartment and right for the upper floor holiday home) and the first floor terraces are visible.

The three windows in the front are - from left to right - a bedroom with en-suite bathroom and separate toilet (20m2+), the master bathroom and the master bedroom (together 29m2+). The bedrooms have double doors opening up to the terraces left and right. In the back of the house with direct access to the terrace, are two further bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms (18m2+ each). Down the middle is a hallway and storage room. The ground floor measures more than 90m2, of which 60m2 for the two bed apartment. Additionally there is a 10m2 entrance and 20m2+ cellar and storage room for the holiday home.

Next month hopefully a completed second floor!

May 28th

May 21st

May 14th

May 7th


June 2018

Topping out! Things are now moving really fast, although it took a bit longer for the June update to be posted. All for a good reason, the construction of the roof started right at the very end of June, and it's worth waiting for. A bit more work needs to be done on the roof early next week, after which a major milestone has been achieved. Nearly all of the concrete works have been finalised. On the inside, the next phase (sewerage, HVAC preparations, electricity, etc.) has started. On some days there are as much as 12 people on site, so major progress is being made.

For the 'grundsteinlegung' (better late than never) we visited See at the end of June, leaving us very impressed and excited!

In a couple weeks time, the windows will have been installed. Keep tracking!

July 7th

June 30th

June 21st

June 14th

June 7th


July 2018

You don't See it, but a lot has happened in the past weeks. Since the June update, early July, the roof has been completed (except roof tiles), the windows have been installed and on the inside all the electricity and plumbing has been installed. So clearly we had to make another visit... Certainly worth the trip, the open plan top floor is definitely turning out to become the major feature it was designed to be. Exposed wood and beams, going up as much as 6 meters, and loads of windows makes for an impressive living area. The balcony and terraces accessible from this floor expand the living space further, and provide for additional spectacular views. So, whilst impatience is getting the better of us, we've started working on curating the furnishings and upholstery. More on that later!

At the moment, the inner walls are being plastered (hence the silo). After that, the floors will be finished (3 layers in total, that is before the wooden floors are installed). Until then, not a lot of progress on the outside. The insulation on the facade will only be installed once things have dried up on the inside, a couple weeks from now.

July 30th

July 23rd

July 16th

July 9th


August 2018

The long wait... What happens in August, stays in August. The webcam has been putting out the same photo pretty much for 6 weeks straight. And obviously, we are getting more and more excited as the completion date is getting nearer. Behind the scenes a lot of progress though: walls having been plastered, floors having been poured, roof tiles completed. As you can see, the scaffolding has gone back up on the outside, getting ready for a layer of insulation on the outside. Inside, the heating system will be installed. And then very soon after that, tiles will go onto the bathroom walls and floors; kicking off the final stretch to completion. We're spending a couple days in See early this week, so keep checking for some additional photos.

August 31st


September 2018

It's the final countdown! With only some 50 days to go to completion, we made a trip to See (short drive from Zurich Airport) for the September update. The sun came out for two perfect days in the mountains. Although the valley is going quiet for the short period between the summer and winter seasons, there seemed to be a lot of daytrips to the Silvretta Hochstrasse and the world championship road cycling near Innsbruck. As always, lots to do.

So, what happened at the house since August? Major progress! On the outside, as is clearly visible (no, it will not stay yellow), insulation has been installed. The wooden cladding has already been delivered, and will be installed in the course of the week. On the inside, the walls have been finished and painted. The roof on the top floor has had another layer of paint. All has been done with great attention to detail. In the bathrooms, all the preparatory work is done for the tiles to go in.

Check back next month for the final construction update!

The NASA room. All the technical equipment is taking up some space in the designated room, yet looks very organised. Once TINETZ has connected the house to the grid, the underfloor heating can be fired up! Also the fireplace and sauna have been ordered, so the temperatures can start dropping!

The greenkeepers!

September 29th

September 22nd

September 15th

September 8th


October 2018

It's a wrap! Winter is knocking on the door. Thanks to the perfect execution by Familyhaus and the construction team, the outside works have been completed. This weekend a first bit of snow in the valley, right on time. The outside works completed in the last few weeks includes the wooden cladding, a layer of fresh white paints and installation of the terraces. Inside, all the tiles have gone in. The electricity is plugged in, and the heating system fired up. From here on, it is wooden floors and kitchens. On 23 November we get the keys and it is over to us for the final details. All we need to complete the interior has been ordered, so within a couple weeks of hard work we can sit back as winter rolls in. Naturally, hard to contain our excitement after four years of planning!

And as always, the progress on the construction camera.

October 28th

October 23rd

October 14th

October 7th


November 2018

One more week! This time next week, the keys will be handed over. Very exciting, and we'll have lots of photo updates. For now, a 2 minute summary of the construction work in the past 7.5 months.


Thanks to Huber Web Media we have been able to follow progress 'live', a webcam was pointed right at the building site.

Construction completed in 2018. If you like what you see, don't forget to book your stay.

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