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Fresh powder, a bluebird day and the frustration of getting a group of friends ready to hit the slopes. One is sleeping in, mr. Chaos has his gear all over the place and there is the inevitable bio-break holding everybody up. With the below schedule you can organise a luscious, nutritious breakfast efficiently!

So let's assume you are a group of 8-10 in a self-catered chalet like ours. During the week, with a little bit of effort from everyone you can enjoy a 5* breakfast everyday. Allocate the following 8 roles and you're all set!

7.15 - 7.30

Mr. Grocery - your key objective is to keep the storage, fridge and freezer stocked. Cheese, meats, spreads, eggs, butter, yoghurt, oats, cereals, fresh fruits, pepper, salt, milk, orange juice, coffee, it's all on you. Make sure you get the basic stuff for the week, so that you only have to supplement a couple times. The legends plan for some specials, such as smoothies or pancakes. Make sure to throw in a couple snacks for on the slopes.

Mr. Bread - it's best when it's fresh, so get out the door early and pick up freshly backed bread. If you want to be smart (or lazy), there is always a delivery option. Once it's there, make sure it is presented nicely and efficiently across the breakfast table. If needed, slice it up, setup the toaster, prepare a station for the to-go sandwiches.

Mr. Table - a properly set table is half the experience. There is plenty of plates, cups, glasses, cutlery - so use it! Check the tablecloth for stains please, don't be sloppy. Bring out the vacuum cleaner for a quick spin for some extra credit. 

7.25 - 7.40

Mr. Coffee - the hot drinks department. A pot of coffee and a pot of tea is only the first step. Work your barista skills, and serve those incredible cappuccinos, macchiatos and flat whites!

Mr. Egg - this can be hard work, yet this role can yield respect. Boiling eggs at altitude is a special skill: tip, you will need to boil them a little longer than at sea level. It's the specials where you can make the difference. Sunny-side up, bacon, veggies; you can be king! 

7.40 - 8.10 - Breakfast!

Mr. Dishes - shows up ready to get out there. Get your gear sorted when others are preparing breakfast. Once the clock hits 8.10, you're up. Short sprints to the dishwashers, a quick rinse of the dirty stuff and last, take out the trash.

Mr. Gear - first in the ski room and last one to leave. Check that everyone that steps out has all they need for a day on the slopes. It wouldn't be the first forgotten helmet, pair of gloves, poles or backpack that holds the team up for minutes.

Mr. Chill - not to be underestimated. The master of ceremony. Sits back and observes, keeps track of the flow and steps in where needed. Keeps an eye on the clock. Some natural authority is helpful when things need to be moved along. Plans the day ahead during breakfast. Giddy up!

8.20 - Out the door!

Last one out the door gets to be Mr. Dishes the next day!

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