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Awesome hiking, biking or ski touring destinations in the Paznaun valley. Adventure awaits! Throughout the Paznaun valley there are various remote mountain huts for spectacular lunch breaks or even overnight stays. Some are easier to get to then others, so be sure to prepare well for your trip. A selection of the valley's finest below.

Mountain huts in See

Starting in the area of See, is the Ascher Hütte (2.256m). Set in a beautiful location, including views of the Hoher Riffler (3.168m). Open in summer and since the opening of the Versing cable car in 2014 also in winter. One of five locations of the Culinary St. Jakobs Way. Accessible by foot and e-bike. Start from the valley or from the Medrigalm (take the cable car from See). Other huts in See that are worth visiting include the Versing Alp and the Gamperthun Alp (route starting at our chalet).

Other mountain huts in the valley

Down the valley there are plenty of options for memorable trips, in winter and summer. In winter, the Heidelberger Hütte (2.264m) and Jamtalhütte (2.165m) are well known basecamps for spectacular ski-touring adventures. Yet also in summer, not least because the Culinary St. Jakobs Way menu, they are definitively worth the longer trip (safe yourself some time with an e-bike). Completing the culinary line-up are the Friedrichshafener Hütte and the Almstüberl. Relatively easily accessible are the Niederelbehütte from Kappl, the Lareinalpe, Menta Alm and the Scheiben Alm from Galtür, the Heilbronner Hütte with a start from the Zeinisjoch and the Wiesbadener Hütte at the foot of the Piz Buin (3.312m).

Advanced hiking tours

For a real challenge, plan to hike towards the Edmund Graf Hütte (2.375m), the Darmstädter Hütte (2.384m) or the Hexenseehütte (2.588m). Getting to these huts from the Paznaun valley requires long full day hikes at higher altitude, so go prepared. Make sure you check the operating season and hours before you head off!

If you like what you see, book now at our chalet and start preparing your adventure!

Resources: mountain biking routes, hiking routes, huts and tours in the Paznaun valley.


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