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The Paznaun valley in west Tirol runs for about 40kms from Pians in the Stanzer valley to the Bieler Höhe. It is surrounded by three mountain ranges: the Verwall group to the north, and the Samnaun group and Silvretta in the south. Driving through the valley you will pass through the ski towns of See, Kappl, Ischgl and Galtür, with the valley floor going from 1.000m height to 1.600m.

From there, several of the valley's high peaks can be reached by experienced hikers and climbers! Starting in the Verwall group, the target will be the Hoher Riffler at 3.168m. In the Samnaun mountain group, the Furgler peak sits at 3.004m. Getting to the Furgler will take about 4 hours from the Ascher Hütte in See. The Silvretta mountain range goes all the way to 3.399m with the Fluchthorn peak.

The Paznaun High Route will allow views on all of these mountain ranges, a truly unique experience. If you like what you see, book now at our chalet and start preparing your adventure!


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