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The typical ski week can be full of routines: eat sleep ski repeat (and that's great!). It doesn't have to be! Below some inspiration for an action-packed week that brings you to the best ski slopes and apres-ski parties across Tirol. It became a bit of a long read, so the conclusion: a plan to ski like a boss in Ischgl, St. Anton, Lech, Solden and sleep like a king in our luxury chalet for EUR 1.100 each. EUR 250-300 for travel, EUR 500 for accommodation and about EUR 300 for ski-passes. 

First off, assuming a group of 8 or 9, having a van to get around is helpful. Alternatively try to make a deal with a taxi company for the week. Either rent a van at home if you are within driving distance from the Alps (road trip!) or book it in Zurich or Innsbruck airport. With flights included assume that you will be spending EUR 200-250 each on getting there and getting around. Example: a Swiss return flight from Amsterdam to Zurich from 14 to 21 March is EUR 109 each. A rental van is about EUR 700 for the week (some available at under 600, as of today).

Our chalet is conveniently located in the Paznaun valley. A short 10 min. drive from the highway, parking at the front door. As you drive up there for the first time, you will pass through See, where you can pick up groceries and backpack snacks. As a group of 8 or 9 you will have plenty of comfort in our four en-suite bedrooms, sleep like a king! For 7 nights from 14 to 21 March you will be spending about EUR 500 each at our place, including all charges. Hard to beat for the quality, comfort and amenities that you get. You can pack light, as all towels, robes, linen etc. are included and the washing machine and dryer can be used to restock on fresh clothing.

So you're all settled in, time to start hitting the slopes! Here's a schedule and some highlights:

Sunday - Ischgl - 10-15 min. drive

High quality ski area with modern, high capacity infrastructure. About 240km of prepared pistes and great off-piste options. Via Alp Trida, chicken at Alp Bella for lunch, all the way across to the Val Gonda at 15.30 and then the on-piste apres-ski at the Paznauer Taja. A big first ski day, with plenty of options to continue the party when you get to town again. Parking is easy at both main lifts (Pardatschgrat or Silvretta), quite a few free parking places are available and otherwise you will spend EUR 7 for the day.

Ski-pass is EUR 56 for the day.

Monday - St. Anton - 20-25 min. drive

Another 305km of prepared slopes waiting for you here. Parking the van at the Nassereinbahn (EUR 8), via the Gampen area, make your way to the Rendl area. After a quick coffee, there is a great run to the valley. Back there, repeat or cross-over to Galzig. A lunch at the Hospiz Alm in St. Christoph comes highly recommended! From there, Stuben first and Valluga next or the other way around. End the day at the legendary Mooserwirt, where the party doesn't stop until 20:00.

Tuesday - Zurs & Lech - 45 min. drive

Slightly longer drive to see the remainder of the 305km in the Arlberg ski area. You can park in St. Anton and get there via the ski area, but you'll be spending more time that way and arrive in Zurs / Lech later. First stop is Zurs, where there is a large, free parking. Alternatively continue onwards to Lech. In Zurs you will find some of the best prepared slopes in the Arlberg area (run 144!). You can make your way to Lech via Zug, for one of those magnificent lunches. If you've chosen to start in Lech, where there is generally easier terrain, a trip can be made to Warth. Feel free to make a stop at the Mooserwirt on the way back!

Ski-pass is EUR 111 for two days.

Wednesday - Paznaun valley - 3 - 25 min. drive

Legs maybe getting tired after 3 big days? The Paznaun valley has a lot to offer outside Ischgl, and it can be fun to explore those smaller ski areas on a day like this. Typically the smaller areas of See (3 min. drive), Kappl (6 min. drive) and Galtur (25 min. drive) are much quieter, a lot of space on the slopes! Each area provides about 40km of prepared slopes, and it is easy to combine 2 areas on a day. Or go Ischgl. Spend the evening enjoying the fireplace, sauna and wine-cooler at the chalet.

Ski-pass is EUR 56 for the day (or as little as EUR 42 if you stay in only 1 area).

Thursday - Solden or Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis - 45min.+ drive

Having recovered a bit on Wednesday, carpe-diem on Thursday. A bit further away, the choice is between Solden and Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Hitting three glaciers and the Kuckuck in Solden vs. the Direttissima and the Patschi in Serfaus. For sun-exposed slopes go Serfaus, for nightlife go Solden. The Gram will be confused at this stage with your whereabouts!

Ski-pass is EUR 51 or 56 for the day.

Friday - Ischgl - 10-15 min. drive

By now you'll have seen so much terrain it'll be hard to remember you've been here earlier in the week. There is plenty of areas to go for. There is 3 or 4 different valley runs, or more if you include Samnaun. For more challenging terrain go Palinkopf. Finish the week off with a party at the Trofana Alm.

Ski-pass is EUR 56 for the day.

This is a week that will feel like a month... Get in touch for tips, happy to help!


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