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With four ski resorts in the Paznaun valley, and St. Anton nearby, how do you plan your ski-week? There is lot's of skiing options around our chalet, and each ski area has their own ski-pass options. Perhaps this blog helps to get organised for the typical six days of skiing.

The basics: Children under 8 go for free. Children under 17 and seniors above 63 get a discounted rate.

The Silvretta Skipass

Let's start with the most convenient option. If you spend your days on the slopes in any case, of which most or all of the time in Ischgl, you're probably best of buying the skipass for the valley. The Silvretta Skipass is valid for the four resorts in the Paznaun valley. It will give you plenty of slopes to choose from for the week. A pass for six days is EUR 323.5 for adults in the peak season (winter 2021/22 prices). When visiting in early December or April the price drops to EUR 278. For children 8-16 the price is EUR 182.5, regardless of the season. Seniors pay EUR 278 regardless of the season.

You will find prices of the Ischgl-only skipass (the VIP skipass) (EUR 275.5 for 6 days). This is only available for guests that can present a guest card from Ischgl. Guests at our chalet receive a guest card from See, which is accepted in See and Kappl.

See or Kappl

When you spend most of your time in See or Kappl, a resort-only skipass is likely going to be the more attractive option. The prices are the same in See and Kappl. Please note: a skipass for See is only valid in See, and a pass for Kappl only for Kappl. There is no See + Kappl skipass. So you have to pick one, our chalet is pretty much in the middle.

For a 6 day skipass you will pay EUR 229 (with guest card) in the peak season, and EUR 224 in early December, early January and April. For children 8-16 the price is EUR 143.5, regardless of the season. Seniors pay EUR 211.5 regardless of the season.

Down days

There are skipass options with some flexibility on the number of days you intend to ski. For the Silvretta Skipass, in case you already know there will be a 'bad weather day' (ie you want to hang out in the sauna), pick the 5 out of 7 option. It is EUR 290 in the peak season, and thus saves you EUR 33.5. In the low season it is EUR 262, and the difference is only about EUR 16, perhaps keep the option of doing a couple runs then?

For the resort-only ski-passes of See and Kappl the 5 out of 7 option is EUR 216.5 in peak season and 4 out of 6 is EUR 166.5.

Mostly in See or Kappl

If you like the Silvretta Skipass, but you plan to spend most of your time in See or Kappl anyway, check the 4 + 2 skipass. It is valid for six days in the resort where you buy the card (ie See or Kappl), however on two of those days you can also choose to visit another resort (for example, Ischgl). It costs EUR 289.5 in the peak season and EUR 262 in the low season.

Also consider ski lessons in your (cost) planning. There are truly great ski schools throughout the valley, and depending on your level there may be a lot for you to learn in See and Kappl, where conditions may be more suitable and ski lessons are cheaper compared to Ischgl.

St. Anton am Arlberg (or even Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis)

When four ski areas is not enough, there is more to explore. At a 20 minute drive from our chalet you can park your car at the Nasserein cable car in St. Anton. Skipass prices are similar to Ischgl, and it will give you a couple additional villages to explore (all the way to Warth / Schrocken if you want). Take this into account when buying your skipass.

There are several other great ski areas nearby, no need to fit that into a week if you go to the alps every year. But still interesting if you are visiting us from further away!

Mixing it up

Here are some other options for you to think about:

- 4 days Ischgl, 1 day See/Kappl, 1 day Kappl/See/Galtur: EUR 307.5 (EUR 195 for children)

- 3 days Ischgl, 2 days See/Kappl, 1 day Kappl/See/Galtur: EUR 300 (EUR 183.5 for children)

- Decide day-by-day: 4x Ischgl, 2x See/Kappl/Galtur: EUR 329 (EUR 195 for children)

- 2 days Ischgl, 2 days St Anton, 1 day See and 1 day Kappl/Galtur: EUR 328.5 (EUR 196.5 for children)

Note: when buying single day passes for See/Kappl/Galtur there is a small refund for early return until 13.30 (EUR 9-11.5 depending on the time).

Feel free to reach out for advice, always happy to help out our guests. Make sure you book your stay at our chalet. Whatever your ski level, it is a great place to return at the end of the day and share experiences.


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